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04/06/2011Jackie May 2011
Jackie May 2011

Lovely Victoria Snake in the number of May 2011 of Jackie magazine. Cowboy girls would wear them!

03/30/2011New York Magazine
New York Magazine

Chadner Navarro came to Amsterdam looking for the cool places to shop in Amsterdam. He wrote in New York magazine about Mumu's Shoes and the joy of shopping here. Made us very delighted. Thanks! .... Read more

03/30/2011Playboy March 2011
Playboy March 2011

We apologize for the shy ladies :) but we managed to have a shooting in Playboy as well :) With the Zebra Heel! Enjoy! :) .... Read more

03/30/2011Jan April 2011
Jan April 2011

A lovely interview with Marco Borsato in Jan magazine. The girl in the editorial is wearing the sexy Shell Pumps. .... Read more

03/30/2011Italie magazine March 2010
Italie magazine March 2010

Black Marrakech in Italie magazine, a magazine of Italian art, beauty, style, fashion and culture.

03/30/2011Jan March 2011
Jan March 2011

Stylish Shell Pumps in Jan March!

03/30/2011Tred Magazine March 2011
Tred Magazine March 2011

Article about fashion, passion for shoes and the concept behind Mumu's Shoes in an interview she gave to Tred magazine, number of March 2011. .... Read more

03/30/2011Tred magazine March 2011
Tred magazine March 2011

A complete article about Mumu's Shoes in Tred magazine, the number of March. We are very proud of this article and that they picked us for their editorial :) .... Read more

03/30/2011AM Magazine March 2011
AM Magazine March 2011

The Cappuccino Queen of the Night were worn by the organizer of the charity event organized for people with ALS syndrome! .... Read more

03/30/2011Jan March 2011
Jan March 2011

Shooting in Miami with a yellow outfit and a yellow baby carriage and black Queen of the Night

03/30/2011Linda January 2011
Linda January 2011

Blake by Flavia Stoian in Linda magazine, the number of January.

03/30/2011AM Magazine January 2011
AM Magazine January 2011

MAMA MUMU! A nice description about Mumu's Shoes with a delightful photo of the Flower Clog in AM MAgazine .... Read more

03/30/2011Glossy January 2011
Glossy January 2011

Party at your feet with the Black Queen of the Night in Glossy magazine

03/30/2011Cosmopolitan January 2011
Cosmopolitan January 2011

Cappuccino Queen of the Night by Flavia Stoian in Cosmopolitan.

03/30/2011Story December 2010
Story December 2010

Exclusive Shoes! The black Marrakech by Flavia Stoian rocking the page of the magazine!

03/30/2011AvantGarde December 2010
AvantGarde December 2010

Pump It Up, that glamour glamour glamour Black Queen of the Night by Flavia Stoian!

03/30/2011Linda November 2010
Linda November 2010

Cool Sunshine Yellow Peep Toes in Linda magazine

03/30/2011Grazia October 2010
Grazia October 2010

Pink Panther Square Low Cut in Grazia magazine, the number of October 2010!

04/13/2011Time Out October 2010
Time Out October 2010

Time Out magazine described Mumu's Shoes as a chic shoe-tique that is targeting both un Dutch ladies and Dutch ladies! .... Read more

03/30/2011Grazia October 2010
Grazia October 2010

Yellow Sunshine Peep Toes in Grazia magazine!