About Us

Mumu’s Shoes started in July 2010 as a boutique in the heart of Amsterdam, on Herengracht 360. 

Until now our team has created a welcoming environment in the shop with our clients that have also become our friends. The concept of the store is to provide our customers with chic and exclusive shoe and bag designs, that are both comfortable and hand made. At the moment, we are collaborating with the designer Flavia Stoian for shoes and with the designer Oana Lazar for bags. 

Flavia Stoian's target is to design shoes that offer women something different, hand-made footwear designed by women for women, with a priority placed on design, comfort and quality. 

Her signature collection is drawing on vintage influence from 1950’s bright effervescence to 1960’s bold transition between classic and avant-garde, while she began taking details from the past and reworking them in a very edgy yet feminine way, always having in hand modern structures: “Modern fashion sums up to how quick can I look fabulous?; In moments like that my shoes come in super handy; they always have a chic and sexy twist”, the designer says. 

Oana Lazar, the designer behind the S bags, has a clear philosophy: "Personalized imperfection of the human hand". She uses exclusively leather ,but also she combines it with special textiles,old gobelins and chinese tapestry; a'fusion' of styles 'patch-worked' with gorgeous embellishments in a vibrant eclectic color palette.

Hoping you will enjoy the designs of Flavia Stoian and Oana Lazar.
Mumu's Shoes Team